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Take home some of the great music you hear at Moose Mountain Cabin. The music of Bruce Anfinson will remind you and your guests of the great time you had for years to come.

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Home Is Where Montana Is

Songs of love, a 1958 GMC, the last great cattle drive, and more “food tunes” on this, Bruce Anfinson’s second recording. The title cut, “Home Is Where Montana Is” became the theme for a regional television documentary, his haunting version of “Ghost Riders” was featured on NPR’s national newscast, All Things Considered, and Bruce’s rendition of the contagious “Fresh Bread” went out nationwide in his live performance on American Public Radio’s Mountain Stage. Bluegrass, swing, and old cowboy tunes ta boot.

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Handmade Saddle

Bruce’s third recording features his original music along with great western classics and heartfelt songs performed in his own unique style. If you ever owned a horse, wanted to own a horse or even saw a horse before, this album’s for you.

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Huckleberry Hill

Recently remastered, this recording captures the magic of the music moment when Bruce gathered together a dozen of Montana’s best musicians for one grand celebration of Western music. It’s a harvest of original compositions by Western songwriters to be enjoyed by young and old alike. With miles of airplay under its belt, this recording is now considered a classic.

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