Last Chance Ranch


An inspiring, historical and cultural performance by one of Montana’s most beloved musicians and locals. Hailed as “Montana’s Musical Ambassador”, Bruce Anfinson takes you on a light-hearted and humorous journey into Montana’s culture, lifestyles, and even a lesson on how to construct a tipi in your backyard. The songs he performs on the TEDxBigSky stage are original works of art that tell amazing stories. They allow listeners of all ages to see themselves in those places and times as if they are characters in his songs. Bruce Anfinson grew up along the Missouri River in Great Falls, Montana, where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains. His father loved to sing old “Sons of the Pioneers” tunes as well as classics by Bob Wills, Eddy Arnold and the like. Bruce was nine years old when his father bought him his first guitar and he learned to accompany his dad on these old tunes at family reunions and friendly get-togethers. He started writing a few songs as a teenager and later found that music is a great vehicle for traveling and seeing the country; and as it turns out, much of the world as well.

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